Gudrun Group: the global Belgian chocolates specialist

The Gudrun Group is a global leader in the development, production, packaging and commercialization of real Belgian chocolates and truffles.

Our Group offers a wide range of solutions for chocolates that meet our clients’ specific requirements and that comply with their brand values and unique selling propositions.
The Gudrun Group operates a highly competitive production unit in Belgium.
With many years of specialist experience and a world of expertise to our name, we are ideally placed to provide customised solutions for clients throughout all different segments of the chocolate market.

We apply a policy of ongoing research into improvements and investments in technology and people with a view to assuring success for both ourselves and our clients.
The company first saw the light of day in 1942 as a small confectionery outlet and has since grown into a renowned manufacturer of exquisite Belgian moulded and enrobed chocolates and truffles. Craftsmanship and expertise are combined to produce the ultimate in refined recipes for sublime chocolates.


To be a leading global manufacturer of Belgian chocolates with a focus on providing customised solutions for the premium chocolate segment as well as all the distribution channels irrespective of whether these are specialised or not.


Mastering exquisite and profitable Belgian chocolates solutions guarantees global success.

The Gudrun Group is committed to providing excellent solutions for exquisite Belgian chocolates at a fair price by focusing resolutely on the very best quality and ongoing improvements in supply chain solutions.